Our Story

The story of Ralph Weis finds its roots in his teenage years when he spends time with his father’s best friend in his optic center. These good memories stuck in his head, and after succeeding his training alongside a famous optician, he manages a few stores, becomes partner until finally deciding to shape his own atmosphere according to his vision with the acquisition of two shops. The ambition of this independant Luxemburger entrepreneur meets the expectation of a demanding and savvy audience. The Louvigny and Porte-Neuve stores are the perfect balance of 35 years experience, aesthetic sensibilty, visionary trends and handcrafted know-how. Eyewear is more than just a need, it has become the first accessory that you will wear all day long and that people will first notice about yourself. Ralph Weis Opticien is the perfect place to find experts and tailored advices in a unique atmosphere to make your statement with comfort and elegance. Ralph Weis’s spirit is all about finding gems. Brands are carefully sourced and chosen, and reflect his passion for revealing little treasures you will not find anywhere else.

Our Dual Expertise

At Ralph Weis Opticien, we are devoted to customer care and the thorough selection of eyewear designers. « I feel like a valued customer and not just a number when I am at Ralph Weis Opticien » Our highly qualified team of experts speaks 5 languages and is always up to speed with the latest skills training. We make a point of making you feel comfortable and giving you the best advice, whether you need a vision screening, an adpated optical frame, custom lenses or the latest trendy sunglasses. Passion drives us and it reflects itself in the loyalty of our team, here since the beginning of the adventure in 2005. « I know I will always find eyewear other opticians don’t offer at Ralph Weis’s » The selection you will discover matches the setting : it is exceptionally designed and crafted to fit your personality. The Louvigny store offers an intimate and elegant atmosphere with a private studio for your customised test and frame, while the Porte-Neuve one is more about a wide range of trendy eyewear in a modern space.

Brand Values


We are committed to helping you find and shape your perfect fit. We take and make time to achieve your perfect eyewear statement and make you feel valued.

Revealing hidden treasures

Because you are unique, your eyewear should be one of a kind. We want you to find an expertise and unique design you won’t see at every corner.


We highlight a wide range of exclusive brands in Luxembourg and exceptional hand crafted eyewear with our stunning buffalo horn frame. Let magic happen in our studio !


You will never see eyewear the way you used to once you get the pair of a lifetime at Ralph Weis Opticien.

Our Team

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