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Mr. Leight

Mr. Leight

Mr. Leight is an ode to the iconic Slim Aarons sensibility. The brand envisions glamorous people, places and lifestyles and makes eyewear that embraces this mystique.

Designed to be a window into Larry Leight’s imagination and Garrett Leight’s contemporary vision, Mr. Leight evokes a modern-day interpretation of the jet set aesthetic. The sophisticated and elevated designs that Mr. Leight offers are instantly recognizable and discreetly luxurious with a strong emotional appeal and aspirational lifestyle.

Larry’s lifetime fascination with style and global cultural influences, combined with a deep, tribal knowledge of eyewear design sets Mr. Leight apart.

The founders: Who is Mr. Leight?

Mr. Leight is an authentic culmination of Larry Leight’s personal and professional journey and Garrett Leight’s entrepreneurial spirit and contemporary vision. A father-son collaboration. A rare legacy brand. Both men are generational leaders in a single-focus, niche category. Eyewear is their passion.

Mr. Leight is an eyewear collaboration between father and son that bridges the gap between multiple generations of design and brand experience. Mr. Leight is about discovering something at the intersection of past and present.

Garrett Leight

Mr. Leight